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limited period of time for cansation of a contact on common property Family 4 Jun 2020

One of the spose have have acceptanced reason if she failed to ask the court with in 6 month for cancelation of a contact done by other spose with out...


International business transaction Business 1 Jun 2020

What does internationan business transaction?actors and pples of it?


Knowing About Suicidal Thought ANY 26 May 2020

Greetings, I would like to know if a person is having a suicidal thought because of someone they love and if that person kills himself sending a text that...



what are the steps and procedures on giving a house as a gift for your son ? Thank You


Im just trying to find a lawyer to get what I entitle to. Property 31 Mar 2020

My mother passed away'my sister while I was in the us just decided to take it.


Suing central bank of Ethiopia Banking 1 Nov 2019

I have used an CBE ATM machine on July 4th to withdraw 4000 birr. after accepting my password and amount of money that I wish to withdraw, the machine...


Searching for research paper Human Rights 18 Oct 2019

Is there research papers on extra judicial killing done by LLM students?


Approval Application for After divorce agreement Family 8 Oct 2019

I was registered for 40/60 housing program with my wife. Then we divorced by agreement before 3 years which was approved by the court. Our agreement states...


Law graduate working at government organization. Property 26 Sep 2019

I'm thinking to work as attorney within 6-7 months. Is there any chance to work with you?


How to get New clienclient ANY 20 Apr 2019

Your applications does not work properly And how to search New Client. in Ethiopia citizen where ever they are ?


compensation about work termination ANY 9 Apr 2019

a bout working for 1 year and 8 months in a private pharmaceutical import company because of foreign currency they terminate our deal...

employees are entitled to receive compensation in accordance with their experience when the contract is terminated. visit for de...View

and4840;and4813;and4653;and4661; and4768;and4899;and4650; and4650;and4 ANY 26 Nov 2018

የውርስ አጣሪ ሪፖርት እንዴት እንደሚፃፍ...


Regarding management positions in a PLC Business 20 Nov 2018

Hello. Thank you for your advice in advance. In a company owned by share holders...if there is a disagreement regarding management positions...what is...


Immigration work permit Labor 16 Nov 2018

I am Bangladeshi national with 90 days visit visa to Ethiopia, can you get work permit in Ethiopia and residence permit together? how long it take and...


How can i get Documents Notarized in your area Notary 18 Jul 2018

How can i get Documents Notarized in your area ? where do someone needs to go to have it done? i need to notarize and have some divorce papers signed and...

Dear Sir/Madam The process of authenticating documents depends on the nature of document and where it emanates from. if you are sending a decision by...View

books or a peice of essay on the issue i mentioned International Law 22 May 2018

my name is Melak from Ethiopia and i am law student. i am trying to get a relevant knowledge from different dimension but as you know our legal system...


Legal advocacy on funde transfer Banking 29 Apr 2018

Advocate of Senegal High Court, Dear Sir, According to the bank requested, the documents that is the Power of Attorney and Affidavit of Oath are going...


Affidavit which proves death Family 13 Apr 2018

Hello, I recently found out I needed an affidavit. My mother died in another country and I have the death certificate stamped however I need an affidavit...


free legal advice in related with employee and employer in ethiopia Labor 27 Feb 2018

am work in private company for 2 years know i want to resine this company with in 18 Days written notice and 12 days annual leave if can i do this.and...


how to start a divorce process ANY 31 Jan 2018

How do I start divorce process & where can I go or which court do I have to go. I am around civil service


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